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What is this site?
This is the UMW Assignment Bank. Its purpose is to help UMW faculty members share with each other the assignments that they’ve created. In this way, assignment design becomes a collaborative process, and great ideas can spread from person to person.

May I use one of these assignments in my class?
If the assignment has a Creative Commons license, then yes, you may use it in your class. If the assignment does not have a Creative Commons license, then you should contact the author and request permission to use the assignment. Either way, you should credit the author in your syllabus.

Can I leave a comment on someone else’s assignment?
Yes. We encourage users to leave reviews. Did you use an assignment in your class? Great! Tell your colleagues how it went. To leave a review, click on the assignment title and scroll down.

I’d like to contribute an assignment that I designed. How do I do this?
First, authenticate as a UMW user. Then, fill out the contribution form. We recommend uploading your document in PDF format.

What kinds of assignments may I contribute?
Anything you like! We are actively soliciting assignments from FSEMs, but we welcome assignments from any UMW course. Assignments need not be related to library research.

Can anyone view the documents that I upload?
By default, documents are only visible to logged-in UMW users. When you upload a document, you can choose to make it visible to anyone.

Why am I only seeing a few documents?
The majority of the uploaded documents are only visible to logged-in UMW users. Try logging in.

Who maintains this site?
This site is maintained by UMW Libraries. Please send questions or comments to Peter Catlin.